Olympus DS-9500

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Olympus DS-9500 Professional Digital Dictaphone Introducing the Olympus DS-9500 - a professional grade Dictaphone that is packed with lots of great features that make it perfect for both medical and legal usage. The DS9500 replaces the DS7000 and DS5000 dictation recorders. As a high-quality digital Dictaphone, this voice recorder utilizes..

Olympus DS-9500 Professional Digital Dictaphone

Introducing the Olympus DS-9500 - a professional grade dictaphone that is packed with lots of great features that make it perfect for both medical and legal usage. The DS9500 replaces the DS7000 and DS5000 dictation recorders.

As a high-quality digital dictaphone, this voice recorder utilizes an intelligent dual microphone system to effectively record speech for transcription. At the same time, the Olympus DS-9500 can maintain its focus on the person speaking without picking up unwanted sounds and background noises that could affect the quality of the recording. The DS-9500 mates perfectly with the AS-9000 transcription kit, which will enable your staff to process the audio and type the dictations.

The Olympus DS-9500 has some incredible features that make it ideal for medical and legal use, these include:

▪ Intelligent Dual Microphone System 
▪ Wireless dictation workflow with Wi-Fi 
▪ Slide switch for simple, intuitive operation 
▪ Directional recording modes for Dictation and Conference recording 
▪ Triple-layer pop filter blocks breath and wind vibrations 
▪ Secure 256-bit AES encryption, data loss prevention and PIN code 
▪ DS2 | DSS | PCM | MP3 Recording formats 
▪ Large 2.4” colour display for easy viewing 
▪ Docking station for fast charging 
▪ Rugged, shockproof body: drop tested to 1.5m 
▪ Integrated memory, SD/SDHC card slot 
▪ Alcohol-wipe resistant body

Using the DS-9500 in a legal setting

Digital dictation is a great way to drive up efficiency for those working as a lawyer or within a legal setting. The last thing any legal professional needs is more paperwork, all this does is waste time and money. Luckily for modern day lawyers, next generation devices like the Olympus DS-9500 make it easier than ever to keep clear and accurate records of each encounter. This leads more flexibility, more time and more efficiency.

The main concern with using a digital dictation device that sends confidential speech through cloud servers is security. How can you be sure the data is safe? What guarantees your protection? The DS-9500 utilizes 256-bit encryption to ensure all your recordings are kept safe and secure. This level of encryption is the same used by big banks to protect themselves from some of the world's best thieves and hackers.

Using a digital dictaphone will save you time and money, while helping you create a smoother operation in the process. The portable Olympus DS-9500 allows attorneys to dictate on the go with ease.

Is Digital Dictation right for you

Professionals love digital dictation devices because of the way they make everything a bit easier. Using the Olympus DS-9500, it records what you say and puts it into a format that your computer can understand. The result is on-the-go dictation and quality transcriptions you can trust.

Added benefits of using Digital dictation for your legal or medical practice:

Safely and securely download and distribute information electronically

Tapes must be manually escorted from the author to the transcriptionist, this creates unnecessary delays and ads security risks. A digital dictation device eliminates all these problems.

Digital files can be safely stored

Your confidential client information is important and must be kept secured. When using something like a tape or another form of manual transcription, it becomes a whole lot easier for loss or theft to occur. By going digital, you increase security and accessibility.

Speed up the transcription process

Locating specific dictations on tapes requires constant rewinding and fast forwarding, a slow and tedious process. Digital dictation streamlines this process to help you make the most of your time.

Display time, length, date, etc.

 A digital dictaphone like the DS-9500 offers a colour display which allows you to see things like how long a recording is, when it was recorded, etc. You won’t have access to this type of information on a tape-based recorder.

Distributing digital work can be as simple as sending an email

Save the file to your computer and send it to wherever without any effort. Physically transporting recordings is a thing of the past. Welcome to the future.